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Mobile-Based School Dental Program

According to the National Institute of Health, tooth decay remains the most prevalent chronic disease in children even though it is largely preventable. In fact, more and more studies link good dental health with good oral health.
In order to make preventative dental care easily accessible for your children, School  Districts have partnered with South     Carolina  Dental Screening Associates and Classy Smiles to offer these services at your child’s school.
The cost of all services will be covered by Medicaid. If the child is not covered by Medicaid but by another insurance, we will file the claim for you (must provide front and back copy of your insurance card) . If the parents or guardians cannot afford to pay, Classy Smiles will make its best effort to provide free service for the child based on available funding. Our ultimate goal is not to have any child miss out on the opportunity for good health dental which is necessary for overall well-being. Kids cannot learn with their teeth hurting.

The dental services that will be performed in school

Complete dental screenings or exams, dental x-rays, dental cleanings, fluoride treatment, and, if needed, sealants (which are thin plastic coatings painted on the back permanent molars) to help prevent and stop cavities. If needed and with parental consent, our on-site licensed dentist will then provide fillings, stainless steel crowns (on back teeth only), pulpotomy (baby tooth nerve treatment) simple extractions, and space maintainers. Referrals to specialists will be made when needed. All results of our services will be provided for your review. A copy of our encounter form will be forwarded to you and the school nurse. A report of the same findings will also be forwarded to South Carolina office of research and statistics and DHEC division of oral health in Columbia, South Carolina. We will also follow up on every 6 to 9 months and re-examine your child if he or she remains in the school that we service. We can also help your child find another dental home if needed. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to give your child the quality dental services he or she deserves. Please fill out the Consent form to sign up your child to be seen in school

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